This ain't a dream post. :P

Hi everyone,

I know most of you must be like "Aw" when you see the blog roll showing a new post from my blog. Yeah,I know i've stayed aloof from my blog for a long time but then I've got my reasons. Life's been damn busy and hectic all the past weeks or rather months. Its been like School-->(Touching) Home--> Insti. Anyways, I'm not gonna blabber about all this emotional crap and bore everyone.

Lets move on.

There's so much to talk."Swine Flu" is the first thing that comes to my mind. I often think, is it gonna turn into a pandemic?? I hope not. The whole country seems to be worried about this fact and even the ministers are taking interest in this. But one thing I find funny is that whenever this health minister (Ghulam Nabi Azad) of something turns up on the TV channel giving some reports and updates,he's liking always smiling like a moron,even if he's telling about the no. of deaths. This is a kind of outrageous behaviour on his part. And one more funny aspect is the masks that are available for prevention.They're named N-95. What in the world does this mean?? Can anyone tell me the logic behind its name or it just that the manufacturer liked the nokia phone too much.

Last week, we had the investiture ceremony in the school and luckily, I've been the made the assistant head boy of the school and thats an achievement,I guess.Check out my new badge.

Lately,I've been stuck to facebook.Its games and quizzes are addictive that you just can't get enough out of them. I must say that the quizzes are awesome and the game Crazy Taxi and Jetman are great. and yeah,kamikaze race is also interesting.Check them out.

(If anyone wants to add me there. He/she can do so by using the facebook badge present on my blog.)

Moving on, the weather in Delhi has been keeping really good. Its been raining occasionally for a couple of days now. and the cloud cover on Delhi looks great.Check out some shots that I had taken last evening.

Gotta go for now.


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Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Mumblings

There was nothing much to post about all these days and I was too lazy to post in this summerish hot weather. But, still I managed to gather some of my courage to be out here.

This post is gonna be a straight-forward update of me.There's nothing new as such, but I've to keep the blog roll ticking to get more footfalls(read as cursor-falls,i.e., traffic) out here.Its been kinda long since anyone commented on my blog and thats partially the reason, I was tired of doing it, but still sometimes I feel a piece of my heart & soul lies deep within the dark theme of this blog which I had started around an year ago, with so much passion and vigour.

Now, back to present.

I'm getting so very bored in these holidays.There's everything in these summer holidays minus the fun & frolic that we used to have earlier.I didn't knew that this class 11th science is gonna be so hectic and so blood-sucking.I had the dreams that I would fulfill all my dreams of taking interest in all my hobbies: gaming,guitaring and what not, after tenth boards. At that stage, everyone thought ki : दो महीने पढ़ लो, फिर 11th मैं तोः मज्जे हैं । But till now frankly speaking, I've not felt those so called मज्जे .

I'm still to do 3 assignments and a big assignment of C++ as well, but I don't know a thing of it except some simple and basic logic tables.Anyone having knowledge of how to make logic flowcharts please comment/email me.

I saw Starsky & Hutch,starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson and also,Snoop "Doggy" Dogg had a guest appearence. The movie is good. A one time watch is fine if you want to have a light-hearted weekend. Now, next movie I'm gonna see is the oscar nominated movie : "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" .Hail, Torrents!!

Last weekend was kinda good.Celebrated with family over the occasion of my board result.I secured a respectable 91.2% overall. And I'm quite happy and satisfied with it.

Plus, I upgraded my PC's ram and bought a new TFT widescreen monitor and a 250 gigb portable hard-disk which is gonna end all my movies and music related woes.Thank God.

Bye for now.I need to start some projects, though I don't feel like.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Next Generation Basketball: SlamBall

I came across this new form of Basketball, called "SlamBall" on AXN last evening.And I got totally fascinated by it.Its a new and cooler form of baskeball which is more aggressive and entertaining at the same time with its new form of rules and adrenaline pumping stunts and shots.It has really taken street basketball to a new level altogether.

I'm short of time so read about it here: Slamball(wikipedia)

and to get a more clearer notion of what this exactly is see this video.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank You : My lil' blog & its *modest* Readers

Hey people, its been quite a while since I've been off my blog and haven't posted anything. The point was that I was kind of losing out my interest in this blogging thing due certain time constraints.Plus, I didn't have any issue/topic to blog about which might be interesting for the readers.

You must be wondering about whats this cribbing thing got to do with the title.I would suggest : "Folks.Hold On."

But yesterday, a thing happened that amazed me and thrilled me. I would mystify it anymore.

The thing is that I got my first pay cheque(is it rather a pay cheque) for my blog through the numerous ads that I've placed.Its just a meagre amount of $7.41 but still I ain't complaining because I'm atleast satisfied that I've earned this money without any help or support,its all due to my effort which I did by bleeding my fingers on my keyboard(it doesn't bleed though,I did this just to intensify my work, so that it could be highlighted.) for churning out long posts and attracting visitors.
Amen to that.

Check out a snapshot of the letter.

Anyways getting back to my modest self, I must thank all my readers who've taken out their precious time to read my blog and commented on my "not-so-good-but-frank" posts and those who've rugged their mouse or pointing sticks(laptop users) for clicking on my ads and helping me earn some bucks.Its been less than a year( I guess). and with all your support and encouraging comments I think this blog of mine : "Life and Times Of MS" has a long way to go.


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(P.S.:Now I've got more vigour to get back to my blog and specially take out time for this as this money as come up as an incentive for my hard-work.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Storm In Delhi

Last week, I think all delhities must have seen (or rather heard) the storm kinda thing that had struck the city.It was really great in itself and thats because I really like seeing the nature going wild.Dunno why, but I like the videos of storms and floods and tsunamis (minus the misery cause to the people by these vagaries of nature). Anyways, the point is that such storms in Delhi bring utmost relief and pleasure to people like me as rejuvnates all the senses which have all been rugged due to the pathetic heat of Delhi.

By the way,I was just trying out my mobile's camera's video-capturing skills, so I just tried to capture some video of the storm and lightning. But, it didn't out as good as I had expected but still for the phone's sake I have uploaded it. See it and enjoy the lil' great moment of "LIGHT" and do comment (please.).

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vodafone ZooZoos

Hey today I'm in a really great mood as I'm feeling so relaxed that I don't have my coaching so I can enjoy the whole evening without any tension and anxiety.I tell you these coaching classes(I'm in Brilliant Tutorials) are really hectic but at the same time you just can't ignore them if you want to make it through some competition.

Back to topic, these days the ads of Vodafone have been really impressive.The characters in these ads are so funny and amusing and at the same time they're so damn cute that you just can't stop a smile from coming on your face after seeing it.

Coming to the facts, these have been specially designed to "feed" to IPL audience(I read it in the newspaper).And ZooZoo merchandise, bags, keychains, T-shirts will be available soon to woo the people.

Now,enjoy some snapshots of these cute lil' creatures.

Just when you thought that these ZooZoos are too cute to live and you just wondered how professionally this piece of animation has been done.

Here comes the SHOCKER:

There are real people inside those Zoozoo costumes.The ad-man deliberately chose slim-built women to suit the role.The expressions on the faces of the Zoozoos, deliberately simplistic and limited in number, were all made in rubber and pasted onto their heads.

The Ad shot was taken at 20 frames per second which made the Zoozoo’s movements hurried and comical. Of the 29 different Zoozoo ads created for the IPL, there will be a new one everyday.

Now check out one of these ads.Its short and funny,though others are also good.

P.S.: I finished reading White Tiger two weeks ago.(sorry,couldn't tell earlier.)Great book.A must really brings out the real truth of Indian ideology

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Life And Times

Hi. I'm here with yet another random update to bore you.I know in the recent past, my posts have been not great. But still I'll try to make them great and better.

Life's getting hectic and intenser with each passing day in eleventh.I often used to hate those seniors who used to say tenth was easy(coz I found it difficult at my time) but now that I've entered 11th life's getting like hell.I don't know where I'm heading to and what's gonna happen and at this point AC/DC's song "HIGHWAY TO HELL" quite literally depicts my present condition.

Just rewinding on my life to a week or so, I performed at the house day this year on 18th-April. We performed 2 songs : "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day and "We Will Rock You" by Queen. And guess what, just when we thought we're surely gonna win this time as others houses were not that good we were disqualified, just like last year(Read Here).

WHY?? this must be in your mind.

The answer to this is that we were disqualified as we had said in the lyrics of "We will rock you" :

"You got mud on your face,

you big disgrace...."

and it was said that the judges and other so-called "respectable" took this as a disrespect shown to them.Anyways, at the end of the day, I'm happy about not winning and rather disqualifying because this second time disqualification has given the Nalwa House the tag of "Outlaws: the real metal-heads"

For your sake,you can check out

I'm on the vocals with Pulkit(with acoustic guitar) and Pawan(on the electric guitar).

[P.S.: The performance got a bit messed up in 2nd song.. and the last riff. :( ]

Wanna know more about this ?? (Read Here).

[P.P.S.: I got a new mobile.Its a Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and I'm lovin' it.]

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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